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Redskins: Hot Yoga Being a Player's Best Friend

The Redskins already accepted newer and more effective strength and conditioning techniques once they hired martial arts Master Joe Kim to assist with arm and hands quickness, among his training’s a number of other benefits.

Though making use of a non-secular side, or at best a side that gives more meditative relaxation and recovery, continues to be left as much as individual players and coaches. A number of them have selected hot yoga with this release, an increasing trend in professional sports.

Jason Hatcher, a defensive end player said, “It helped my knees heal pretty well. I do it to get a lot of range of motion back in my knees from the previous surgery I had. But off the field right now I definitely need a few sessions of yoga to get my body back right.”

Exactly the same types of benefits of what got linebacker Ryan Kerrigan totally hooked on hot yoga, too. Kerrigan said, “I think that’s going to provide a lot of benefits in the long term. The first couple times was incredibly tough [regarding the heat]. I had to leave the room one time it was too much because you’re in the room for ninety minutes, 114 degrees in there. It’s incredibly hot but like anything, the more you do it, the better you get at it. I’ve just got to keep doing it. You get a lot of benefits out of it. It’s good for your internal organs, joints everything. I’d recommend it to anyone.”

Head coach Jay Gruden is aware of the recommendations and knows his players used it to recuperate from injuries and find their flexibility. But for the time being, Gruden is happy to carry on dabbling in “regular yoga”.

Gruden said, “I’ve tried yoga a few times. I do like yoga. There is some merit to it. I’m glad Jason’s doing it. I know a couple of them enjoy it. We made it available for our players if they wanted to do it. It’s a great chance for them to relax and get some stretching.”

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