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Quarterback Bradford’s Next Step

Mike Bradford reassures with his health and outlook for the immediate future.

Bradford's participation in spring training periods was limited as his on-area play was supervised and examined. He undergoes ongoing physical rehab through the spring. He earned significant progress. The Philadelphia Eagles, to some guy, expressed only confidence that Bradford was using the right steps and it was coming on the way he needed.

With Training Camp coming, -the Bradford gossip percolates again. Asking if he is really healthy, capable of working without restrictions are some of the questions on top of the mind.

It is simply fodder until we are able to observe how Bradford works around the area within the training periods and also in the preseason games and, if this really matters, in Atlanta on ESPN. The world can view Bradford and evaluate. The bullets from the Falcons mean something. The overall game counts. The 16-game regular season starts.

Everybody is hopeful of excellent occasions ahead. There's been only optimism in reference to his work and the recovery and also the outlook.

Bradford is much like almost every other player, and the injuries recovery will be handled inside a player-specific manner. It will likely be each day-by-day, snap-by-snap, throw-by-throw proposition.

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