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Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs Are On Fire!

The tickets you have to pick up this year are the Kansas City Chiefs tickets. The team is poised for a serious run at a Super Bowl after some great off season additions.

Some may think why go with a defensive player but I think this was a great move. The team averaged only giving up 17.6 PPG last season and that ranked 2nd in the league. Peters is just another piece to help reassure the defense is going to be just as good as or even better than the year before. The Chiefs don’t have anything to worry about on the offensive side of the ball because of their veteran leadership.

The Chiefs bring back veteran quarterback Alex Smith. Smith is a smart play caller who rarely makes mistakes that cost the team points. In the backfield with him is Jamaal Charles. Charles is arguably the best running back in the NFL. The most important addition to the Chiefs is veteran wide receiver Jeremy Maclin.

Last season the Chiefs failed to throw a touchdown to a wide receiver. The 18 touchdowns Smith threw were all to tight ends and running backs. Maclin was brought in to change that statistic and possibly change history. The last time the Chiefs won the Super Bowl was Super Bowl III back in 1969 and at that time they were in the AFL.

This team is poised to change fortunes of the franchise but it won’t be that easy. The AFC West is going to be a tough division to navigate through. They have to deal with the Denver Broncos who have a great quarterback, Peyton Manning, and a team that is built to win. They have won the division the last four years.

The San Diego Chargers and the Oakland Raiders are the other two teams in the division. The Chargers are always going to be around and prepared to win. Their quarterback, Philip Rivers, is one of the best in the league and is a nightmare to deal with.

The Raiders are also going to be a tough team. Despite the 3-13 record last season they have rebuilt and are ready to compete. Their second year quarterback, Derek Carr, is ready to make a name for himself in the NFL.

The Chiefs have a lot to deal with in the AFC West. Even though they have a tough division they are still ready to get that Super Bowl ring. They have the talent; they have the coaching; now they need the wins. Kansas City could be rocking in 2015 as the Chiefs make a run for the Super Bowl.

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