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Scott Tolzien is learning everything from Aaron Rodgers

Green Bay - It’s a tired, worn-out stating that up-and-coming gamers can study from established stars.It’s absolutely right, however, within the situation of quarterback Scott Tolzien, who earlier this week in practice demonstrated he’s absorbing all he is able from Aaron Rodgers.

Possibly the league’s best at drawing the defense offside after which benefiting from the play, Rodgers on Monday viewed his protégé win the 2-minute drill for the reason that very fashion. Going for a no-risk shot downfield following a defensive lineman leaped early, Tolzien hit receiver Myles White for a 35-yard touchdown on 4th down.

Alex Van Pelt, coach for quarterback and receivers said, “That’s exactly what you try to do. Whenever you’re behind a great player that’s obviously been very successful, you try to emulate him. Part of that is knowing when to use your cadence to hopefully get that situation and be able to execute it."

The preseason games this month is a showcase for Tolzien’s development and advancement. He was compact last August, posting a passer rating of 100 or better in three of 4 preseason contests, but his coaches have confidence that he’s better still now, observing his enhanced work and understanding from the offense.

The transition for Janis in the Division II college ranks towards the National football league has had a while, but he’ll show he’s ready.

Janis caught two TD passes within the preseason this past year, however, they were his 2 receptions. As with every youthful gamer, consistency is really a significant hurdle to obvious.

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