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Hobson: What to choose Fame or Fortune?

Andy Dalton found a means despite the fact that A.J. Green, Marvin Jones, and Tyler Eifert did not possess a catch inside a combined 37 games due to injuries.

Dalton put for a team­record 33 TD passes without the advantage of one hundred­yard rusher. Wide receiver Marvin Jones had 10 TD catches and tight end while Tyler Eifert caught 39 balls. A.J. Green skipped or didn’t possess a catch due to injuries ought to be a feather in Dalton’s cap.

It's a little upsetting in three games, Cleveland (244 yards), Denver (207) and Pittsburgh (116), Dalton could average only 169 yards passing. But, with that point, the possible lack of targets had swept up for them.

For the Hall of Fame queries, we’ve been banging the drum for the two Kennys since Bengals was created. When Anderson retired, he held the records for the most accurate passing game, regular season and postseason career. While Riley retired as the 3rd most interceptions of ­time.

Clearly both weren't only offended playing in a tiny market, but Pittsburgh’s Steel Curtain hidden a large amount of the things they accomplished. Anderson compensated the QB’s cost for not winning an excellent Bowl and Riley writhed from playing within the shadow of his more flashy and volatile teammate on the other corner, Lemar Parrish.

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